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Avery Furlong

We have been part of the CMA family for 9 months now. Both of my boys are enrolled, and one of them is autistic. I was really worried about how he would do, because he has never done any kind of sport before. But thankfully all the staff at CMA have been so kind and understanding and helpful to both of my boys and their needs and goals. I love the positive focus of every class, the life skills being taught along side self defense, and the encouragement they give each student.

Katy Richards

This gym is absolutely amazing! My son really struggled to find a sport that he enjoyed and this was a perfect fit. These instructors are so good with the kids. They truly care about their success in life, not just in karate. My son is so much more confident and driven than he was before he started. I don’t know what we would do without championship martial arts!!

Colleen McGilvary

After 3 years at CMA, my 14 year old son still enjoys going to his karate lessons--4 times a week! The positive social interaction has built his confidence and the discipline required in learning this sport is spot-on for his teenage years. The leaders are enthusiastic and personally want to see each child (and adults) reach their fullest potential from beginners to advanced on varying degrees of difficulty. They are involved in community fundraisers and help their students know the valve of giving back. They also have several special events through the year. They do so much more than "teach" martial arts. I'm very impressed with their organization.

Barbara Knudsen

CMA has an amazing staff who truly care and know each student by name. They teach not just the karate skills but life lessons as well. Always positive, energetic, and inviting. The facility is always well kept, clean, and sanitized. They are very organized and prompt. The best karate studio around. So many opportunities for growth and learning. Definitely 5 stars.

Wendy Connors

We started with CMA 3 years ago. My two kids have had such an amazing experience. Not only are they teaching martial arts and self defense but life lessons that truly leave an impact.
They care about the students as individuals and want to see them succeed. They teach them to navigate life trials and how to improve in areas they struggle in.
Just like most extracurricular activities it is an investment. It's an investment in your child's self esteem, self discipline and future. I honestly can't put a price on that. I recommend CMA to everyone we know. It's been the best choice we've made for our kids.

Nicole Brown

Championship Martial Arts is amazing. We were looking for something active that would help our son build confidence. We tried another karate place and it wasn’t great, but CMA is amazing. Great Senseis, positive environment. I can’t say enough good things about CMA. My son has grown so much there in many ways. CMA can take all my money!!! They are the best.

Tami Clark

I got my son started with CMA in January 2021 on a trial pass and after the first lesson he was hooked. He had wanted to do karate for a long time and so we decided to give CMA a try. Their karate program is amazing and has done so much for my son. I have seen him excel in the program in a short amount of time and love every minute of it. It has helped him in school to strive for goals and confidence. I love everything CMA stands for with their values, goals, and leadership they give in every class.... The instructors are the best! Sensei Tabor is a phenomenal instructor, and a great mentor for every kid to look up too. I’m impressed with his lesson plans and the way he instructs his classes, he really is the best in the business .. Sensei Nate, McKay, and Jennifer all of them are beyond talented. They are professional, they love what they do and they have the best interest of every kid in mind.. The Kaysville and Syracuse location are fantastic facilities and classes are organized, on time and always fun while instilling the fundamentals of karate... I can’t say enough good things about CMA and I’m grateful everyday we did that trial pass and love the journey my son is on with CMA! This is the place if you want your son or daughter to learn karate, hands down they are the best.

Jessica Adams

The instruction is easy for my 5 year old to comprehend. The teaching strategies support my daughter to actually learn; she is not just being told what to do. She is given multiple example as well as non-examples. Aside from the instruction, she has fun. She laughs and smiles while learning and when we leave she says "I love karate". We highly recommend Championship Martial Arts!

Emily Stokes Lewis reviewed Championship Martial Arts
via Facebook

We have had an amazing experience here! My son is learning and improving at his own pace, and is given frequent leadership opportunities. I love how the constant rotations allows for everyone to have the chance to hone leadership skills! The instructors are professional, concerned, and reinforce the discipline and respect we teach at home. I’m also impressed at how the staff knows each student’s name! They make a serious effort to personalize each student’s experience as best they can. I highly recommend this dojo.

Lacey Trump

My 9 year old son has had a lot of issues with focus and following through directions( he has been diagnosed with adhd). We have also moved a lot which has been hard for him. And finding an outlet for him has been very important . Starting karate at CMA has helped him immensely. His confidence has grown so much and has helped with his ability to focus. It has really helped him physically and mentally! And the instructors are so kind and encouraging! They really care about the kids. We absolutely love it there!

Heather Suekawa reviewed Championship Martial Arts
via Facebook

I absolutely love the way the sensei Tabor teaches material. My son struggled with confidence and was extremely shy. We did a lot of research before selecting a good martial arts school. I am so glad we decided on this one, because they focus on so much more then teaching basics of karate. It’s personable. They want your child to succeed in school at home and karate. My son has gained so much self esteem in the six months we have been going. Extremely professional. Highly recommended. You won’t regret it.

Kim Christensen reviewed Championship Martial Arts
via Facebook

CMA has been such a wonderful group of people to work with! They encourage their students to push themselves to reach their full potential. They make lessons fun. My daughter has gained so much confidence in herself that has carried over to all parts of her life. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Brad Fuller reviewed Championship Martial Arts
via Facebook

I highly recommend this school. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality instruction & excellence in life lessons.

Braden Atkins reviewed Championship Martial Arts
via Facebook

This school is amazing! The owners and instructors are incredible! They care so much about their students. They do a weekly class for their leadership team in how to encourage, motivate, and work with those students who are shy, scared, or otherwise need extra help. The classes are high energy and a great workout. Whether you are new to martial arts or not, this school can help you reach your goals. With classes for preschoolers, kids, teens and adults, the entire family can participate.

Jennifer Fackrell reviewed Championship Martial Arts
via Facebook

We have been at Fighting Brothers Karate for almost three years. It started with my 9 year old son (now 12). We wanted him to find something to channel his energy since he didn't like sports. Since then, six of the seven of us started as well. We are waiting until the youngest turns three so she can start too. It has been a fantastic thing to do as a family and has brought us closer together. We love it. The staff is fantastic and we feel we are definitely getting our money's worth.

Terri Granducci Hall reviewed Championship Martial Arts
via Facebook

I can't say enough about Fighting Brothers Karate! My son has grown into a remarkable, responsible and dedicated young man! They are like family and have been instrumental in helping to raise my son!!

Shellie Martin reviewed Championship Martial Arts
via Facebook

I got my son started in Karate because he had been bullied so badly in school that I had begun home schooling him. I wanted him to know how to defend himself and build up his self confidence and get some exercise. Fighting Brothers has meet all my expectations. The atmosphere at FBK was so awesome that I decided to start taking classes as well. The instructors are always positive and are awesome about giving the students positive feedback. They push you physically as well, so I feel that I always get a good workout!

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Our latest news & thoughts

Martial Arts in the Military

Martial Arts in the Military

When you think of the US military, you probably think of high-tech weaponry – smart bombs and things like that. What you might not know is that the martial arts play an important role in military training.

Being proficient in hand-to-hand combat can save soldiers’ lives. There are several forms of martial arts that are commonly used in military training.

Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, or MCMAP, was designed to train US Marines. It was created in 1956 by Gunnery Sergeant Bill Miller, who was put in charge of the Marines’ hand-to-hand combat training. It combines elements of:

  • Okinawan karate
  • Judo
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Wushu
  • Boxing
  • Jujitsu

MCMAP trains soldiers in the mental, character, and physical traits needed to defend themselves. It uses a belt system similar to the one used in civilian martial arts training. However, it also teaches basic knife, bayonet, and firearms techniques, as well as how to find and use weapons of opportunity.

How successful has this program been? In 2017, the UFC sent five of its best fighters to take on US Marines in hand-to-hand combat. The UFC fighters lost badly.

The US Army has a similar program called the US Army’s Combatives Program.

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art that was originally developed in the 1940s and 1950s. Its creators were men who had studied a variety of martial arts and taught them in schools called kwans. In 1952, after witnessing a martial arts demonstration, South Korean President Syngman Rhee called for the creation of a unified Korean style of martial arts.

The original name of this discipline was Tae Soo Do, which combines three words:

  • Tae – to stomp or trample
  • Soo – hand
  • Do – way or discipline

Eventually the word kwon, which means fist, replaced soo in the name, and Tae Kwon Do became the official name. As a discipline, Tae Kwon Do emphasizes speed and agility, training fighters to use head-height kicks and spinning techniques to defeat their opponents.


Jujitsu has its origins in the Muromachi period in Japan, which ran from 1336 to 1573. It came from a style of fighting that prioritized using an opponents weight and momentum against them instead of striking them.

The name Jujitsu did not attach itself to the discipline until the 18th century. Loosely translated, it means “the gentle art” because of its focus on leveraging an opponent’s actions instead of actively striking out against them.

A common variation taught in the military is Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which is a technique that focuses on ground fighting. The idea behind Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is that a smaller opponent can overwhelm a larger one by taking the fight to the ground and using chokeholds and joint locks to win the fight.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a unique style of martial arts developed for the Israeli Military. It dates to 1910, when a man named Imi Lichtenfeld. He had learned various fighting techniques from his father, and eventually combined them into Krav Maga.

The focus of Krav Maga is on ending fights quickly by targeting the most vulnerable parts of the body – usually the groin is the focus. It was designed for use in real-world situations. Its practicality appealed to the Israeli Military, which adopted it and incorporated it into their training – and there’s no question that Krav Maga training is one of the things that gives the Israeli military its formidable reputation.


Martial arts training is used to help service members defend themselves when traditional weapons alone might not be enough. The success of MCMAP and the Israeli Army’s Krav Maga training are proof that learning the martial arts can save lives.